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You can get approval by filling in the attached application form of Skill Registry and then get it approved from the concerned Municipality  Councilor, Corporation Councilor, Block Panchayat Member or Grama Panchayat Member.

We only bring in professionals who are trained and skilled in their respective fields of expertise.

Yes, it is advisable for you to be around when the job is getting done. You are requested to take care of your personal belongings or valuables in the presence of the Service Providers. Skill Registry will not be liable for any damage or theft arising in case of failure to do so.

The customers are free to contact the service providers and arrange the schedule or even reschedule the same with a new service provider according to their convenience.

Please make sure to intimate the same to the Service Providers regarding the time that can be allowed to carry out the work. For any complaints contact us @

All supplies that would be purchased shall be consulted with the Service Providers. The customers are free to discuss about the requirements directly with the Service Providers itself.

We  highly recommend you register with us first, you could not place a service request on our app/site without registering with us.

After each service is completed, the customers are asked to rate the service on different parameters and judge the overall satisfaction of the service. You would also be allowed to rate a provider based on some parameters through our app if the service was requested from the app. We approve only those who are experts in their respective fields.

If you do have any complaints, suggestions or feedback with regard to the service quality, or the service provider, pricing etc please report it to our desk at +91 471 2735949 or mail us at It is advised to do this within 24 hrs of your service.

We are currently operating all over Kerala.





In the unlikely event of the Service Providers damaging something, you can email us at or give us a call @ +91 471 2735949. Please do mention your valuable feedback in the app so that it will be helpful for further evaluation of those Service Providers.

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